What we offer

We pride ourselves on providing more than what the standard home builder offers for less than what the standard home builder charges. Recognized for our quality workmanship and materials, we have become one of the most respected custom home builders in Lorette, MB by building our reputation amongst industry peers and the families we have had the pleasure of building homes for.

Some of the extras we include as standards in our homes are:






With over 15 years experience in the construction industry we have learned that craftsmanship and above industry standards are important to families. When you choose to build with Nathan Reimer Custom Homes, those extras come standard and the purchase price of your home includes everything you would expect from a custom builder and more.
We are a small company with a small overhead which makes it possible for us to offer quality craftsmanship for less. I personally oversee each project throughout every stage of construction to ensure you have peace of mind when you choose Nathan Reimer Custom Homes.

Our reputation as a builder is important to us as we live and are involved in the same community we build in. Being a local builder also enables us to offer personal and prompt customer service throughout the build as well as after you move into your new home.

LOGIX basement – LOGIX
blocks are superior to conventional basements. LOGIX is incredibly energy efficient and environmentally friendly and also delivers a 4 hour fire rating and superior sound resistance. Constructing your basement with LOGIX provides you with better insulation and a drier basement.

nr windows

Windows High quality triple pane windows are important for energy efficiency in Manitoba weather. Our standard is Berdick Windows and Doors.

Insulated garage – All homes come with a fully insulated and sheeted garage. Insulated garage doors and openers also come standard with your new home. Water softener While suitable for drinking and gardening, hard water can cause mineral build-up in water heaters, pipes, dishwashers and showerheads, reducing its flow. Soap and shampoo’s ability to lather is reduced, and laundry becomes stiffer and duller in appearance. You will not have to deal with the effects of hard water in your new home as a water softener comes standard in every home we build.
Air conditioning Though only necessary a few short months every year, we believe no new home is complete without central air conditioning. Central vacuum system Your new home will come complete with a central vacuum system, including a vac pan in your kitchen as well as a hose and attachment kit.
Window treatments Your privacy is ensured from the moment you move in as your home comes standard with custom made vertical blinds in the main area and faux wood blinds in the bedrooms. Interior design – The purchase of your home includes a consultation with our interior designer to assist you in selecting your home’s colour palette including cabinetry, woodwork, flooring and paint.
PaintingYou no longer have to be satisfied with “builder beige”. Your new home will be painted with your choice of up to three different wall colours as well as a ceiling and trim colour. There is also no need to worry about your movers causing dents and scratches to your new walls as our painter will return to touch up after you move in. Once you have lived in your new home for awhile, you may want to do some touch ups or change a wall colour or two. Our painter will return anytime within one year to do one day’s worth of painting for you at no extra charge. Mouldings and casingsWe use wider than average mouldings and casings throughout the home as well as crown moulding in the master bedroom for an up-scale look.
Built-in Appliances A stainless steel dishwasher and microwave/fan come installed and ready to use in your new home. Lighting – Provided by Robinson Lighting some of the extras we include are under cabinet lighting and wall sconces in the master bedroom to take the place of bedside lamps.
FlooringOur standard flooring options start with hardwood floors throughout the main living area, carpet with high grade underpad in the bedrooms for a cozy feel, and Dura-ceramic tile in the bathrooms and entrances instead of vinyl. We will also provide you with an initial supply of the floor cleaning products that are recommended by our flooring supplier. Deck Not stopping with just interior finishing touches, all our homes include a 12’x12’ deck with metal spindles. Should you be interested in something larger or more intricate, we would be happy to explore those options with you.